Playwriting Classes

Reach your audience!

Introduction to playwriting

8 week course, Spring 2015

with tutor Kate Miller

Monday 11 May – Monday 6 July 2015 (no class 25 May)
7pm – 9pm Leaf Bookshop and Café, 8 Old Cross, Hertford SG14 1RB

Cost : £80 for the 8 week course

Nothing beats dramatic writing for its potential to thrill and inspire, to touch people and hold an audience spellbound. In the Introduction to Playwriting Course we will explore how to create dynamic and effective drama, looking at the basics of action, character, story and dialogue. We will cover different types of dramatic writing: plays, screen and TV writing and radio drama, looking at examples from classic and contemporary scripts.

The course is suitable both for beginners and for those who have written drama and want to develop their work further. It will be very practical (expect to write at every session!) and always grounded in what the action looks and sounds like for the audience.

Week 1: Beginnings – getting started
Week 2: Character – bringing the protagonists to life
Week 3: Voices – creating vibrant dialogue
Week 4: Scenes – the building blocks of a play
Week 5: Plot – the framework of your drama
Week 6: Story and Structure – the difficult bit!
Week 7: How a play really works – examining The Importance of Being Earnest
Week 8: Drama in different media: stage, TV, film, radio

For more information contact Kate Miller on 07971 951291 or email or use the comment box below.


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